Brenda Trang

Female, 21

Location: Lidcombe, Sydney, New South Wales Height: 157 cm Weight: 47 kgs BMI: 19.07 Body Type: Average Smoker: No Do you drink?: No Any children?: No Do you have a car?: No Profession:

Sports Profiles

28-Mar-16Weight Training - Beginner

A beginner that loves sport, has a bit of an experience of the gym about weights. Overall convenience would be around the western suburbs. Enthusiastic partner would be best. Available on Sundays or during the holidays

28-Mar-16Soccer - Beginner

Wanting an enthusiastic partner that's willing to teach me how to play soccer and get me in a better place. Will give everything they have including myself. Convenience would be in the western suburbs and available on sundays or during the holidays.

28-Mar-16Rugby - Beginner

No idea how to play. Complete new beginner that loves sports. Convenient around the western suburbs. Wanting a partner that's enthusiastic about sport and loves fair play. Available on Sundays or during the holidays

28-Mar-16Martial Arts - Intermediate

i do martial arts outside of school. Not the best, but willing to step up another new level of different sorts of martial arts besides taekwondo. Avaliable on Sundays or during the holidays from the mornings from 9-4? Western suburbs would be be more convenient

28-Mar-16Cycling - Beginner

Not as experienced, but willing to put everything into it and cope with anything as much as possible. Challenging partner that loves cycling. Western suburbs (holidays and sundays would be most convenient).

28-Mar-16Ice Skating - Beginner

Looking for somone that just wants to enjoy ice skating. Macquarie would be best for convenience. Availability would range.

28-Mar-16Rock-Climbing - Intermediate

Average climber. Needs a partner that's active and willing to still give it all in no matter what. Available probably sundays or holidays would be best from mornings from 9 till 4. Located within the sydney region.

28-Mar-16Hiking - Beginner

Love hikings, location would be just around the sydney region is fine. No vehicle, so transport would be going by train. Teens around my age would be best. Availability changes. Hikes during the day only from 9-5 inbetween times as suggested. (holidays would be best)

28-Mar-16Tennis - Beginner

Wanting a partner to play with, that's willing to take it seriously as a beginner. Not the best, but willing to improve upon my skills. Prefer teens to vs with.

28-Mar-16Basketball - Intermediate

Western suburbs are considerably more convenient. Played bball for awhile. Inbetween intermediate as well as advanced. Availability changes.

28-Mar-16Netball - Intermediate

Only play the "centre" position as i'm not great with shooting in. Often play it, availability ranges. Western suburbs are best.

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