Brendan Harvey

Male, 34

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Sports Profiles

06-Sep-09General Fitness - Intermediate

Hey there. I am very active and I enjoy running, riding, walking, weights and pretty much any sports. Basically I'm up for anything fun, different or challenging. I'm looking for young, like-minded people to get out and do things with socially or competitively.

06-Sep-09Running - Intermediate

I'm looking for a local running buddy to train with and to enter events with. I run because it feels good, I don't take it too seriously and I'd like to find someone to run socially with. I recently entered my first event and completed the half-marathon at Run Melbourne 2009. I have entered the full-marathon in the upcoming Melbourne Marathon 2009. After this one, I don't plan on running any more long events and will stick to the 5km, 10km and 15km events. I tend to run at a pace between 10km/h and 14km/h. If you live locally, can run at a leisurely 10km/h for at least 30 minutes then send me an email.

06-Sep-09Rock-Climbing - Beginner

My friends and I have started rock-climbing every so often at Hard Rock in Nunawading. We climb socially on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. We are always keen to meet new people even if it's just an excuse to arrange the next climb. Let me know if you're interested in joining us and we'll see you on the rocks!

06-Sep-09Netball - Intermediate

Hi there, I've played a few seasons of mixed indoor netball and one season of mixed ordinary netball. I'm looking to get back into the sport by joining a local mixed team, preferably a younger team. I'm a very good Centre player and possibly a decent wing player too but keep me out of the semi-circle or you'll witness a fish out of water!!! I am very fit with great ball skills and I'm available to play on Wednesday nights, Saturday afternoons/evenings and any time Sunday.

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