Dani Buswell

Female, 32

Location: SEAFORD, VIC Height: 163 cm Weight: BMI: Body Type: - Smoker: No Do you drink?: Socially Any children?: No Do you have a car?: Yes Profession:

Sports Profiles

12-Jan-10Aerobics - Beginner

Hi Looking at starting up Aerobics on the weekends or week nights.

11-Jan-10Softball - Intermediate

Hi, I'm interested in joining a softball club.I am 23 amd i live in Seaford and i'm willing to travel.I played softball all through high school and primary school. I received many awards for my softball competency.I can field anywhere except catcher and I mostly played pitcher.I am reliable and competitive.I'm looking to meet new people and have fun.I am available weekends and weeknights after 6pm.

11-Jan-10General Fitness - Beginner

Hi, I'm interested in doing general fitness with new people. I live in Seaford.I am 23 and fairly fit,but i want to join the police force so i want to perfect my fitness level and prepare accordingly.I am available to train most nights and weekends.

11-Jan-10Dancing - Beginner

Hi, I'm interested in doing some form of dance as a sport.I like all dance styles but especially funk. I live in Seaford and am willing to travel.I'm looking to meet new people,have fun and get fit. I have done various dancing styles in high school though nothing professional.I love to dance and I want to take my current skills further.I am available thurday and friday nights after 6pm and on saturdays after 1pm, also anytime on sundays.I am 23 and fairly fit.

11-Jan-10Basketball - Intermediate

I'm looking to start playing basketball again.I use to play when I was in high school and I am now 23.I know the rules and have significant experience.I live in Seaford but am willing to travel.I am available to play thursday and friday nights after 6pm,and also saturdays after 1pm and anytime on sundays.I'm reliable and competitive.Looking to meet new people.

11-Jan-10Netball - Intermediate

Have over 14 years experience.Played mostly GA or C.Just moved to seaford and looking to get back into netball again.I'm willing to travel and available to play after 6pm on thursday and friday nights,saturdays after 1pm and anytime on sundays.

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