Felicity Organ-Moore

Female, 35

Location: Cairns, Queensland Height: 168 cm Weight: 62 kgs BMI: 21.97 Body Type: Athletic Smoker: No Do you drink?: Socially Any children?: No Do you have a car?: Yes Profession: Theatre Technician

Sports Profiles

25-Sep-16Netball - Intermediate

Hi :) I moved to Cairns about eighteen months ago and had a team when I first moved up but fell away due to work being very busy through winter. Looking to try to get back into it now, not super fit but keen to go hard and get it back. Have always played netball until the last few years, just haven't been in one place long enough to commit to a team (lots of time on the road for work until I settled up here). I'm happy to pick up a team OR just play fill for whoever - mixed or ladies, any night (I do shift work and am not always regularly available but happy to play any night I'm not working). I am a defence player at heart but can shoot OK and happy to play anywhere except C until I get my fitness levels back. Felicity 0448 686 210

12-May-15Yoga - Intermediate

Hi, I am keen to find a group or just another person to do yoga with on either an occasional or regular basis. I started in Perth couple of years ago and really enjoyed getting into it but haven't really done any since then and would like to pick it up again. I do shiftwork so availability is random and subject to change unfortunately. Let me know what's around!

12-May-15Gymnastics - Intermediate

Hi, I am keen to get back into some fitness training and trying to pick up on some sports I used to do years ago and enjoyed. I did gymnastics while at high school but it's been a solid ten years now, would love to get back into it a bit. If there is anywhere around that does adult classes of some description, I'd love to look into it more! Just moved to Cairns. Thanks :)

12-May-15Fencing - Intermediate

I'm trying to get back into some sports that I used to enjoy when I was younger, and would love to take up fencing again, issue being I need to find somewhere that is happy for 'drop-ins', as I do shiftwork and have very random availability. Just moved to Cairns

29-Jan-11Hiking - Intermediate

I'm trying to get out and hike more and having people to go with is good incentive :) If anyone goes out hiking regularly or is part of groups that do, please let me know - I do irregular shiftwork hours so will often not be able to make it but it would great to know other people who do go out occasionally.

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