Georgia Akerman

Female, 22

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Sports Profiles

05-Feb-19Netball - Advanced

Hi, my names georgia and I’m on a holiday working visa from England. I currently living and working here in Melbourne. I’ve been playing net ball since the age of 8. I played for the same netball club for over 12 years and worked my way up from the D team to the A team. I love the sport mainly due to the fact it’s a team sport. so you win to tether and also lose together, but you pick each other up and have fun ether way. I also enjoy the social aspect of it and love meeting new people. I’m very open to playing any position and each time giving it my best. Following on from that I do many play as a C or WD. As I’m fit and athletic. The main reason I’m looking for a netball club while staying in Melbourne is to meet new people, keep active, but most of all because I love the sport.

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