Lisa-Marie Renard

Female, 36

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Sports Profiles

17-Feb-10Ice Hockey - Beginner

Hi, I have never played ice hockey before and I'am only now starting to get ice skating lessons. Its been a dream of mine to play ice hockey and I have finally decided to do something about it (I'm 25yrs). I'm looking for someone to ice skate and practice ice hockey skills with. Possibly someone who is a beginner like me? Im flexible with availability and I'm looking for someone in sydney. Thanks.

17-Feb-10Ice Skating - Beginner

I've been ice skating a couple of time's and even though I fall on my face alot, I really enjoy it. I'm looking for someone who wants to go to ice skating lessons in Sydney with me on a weekly basis? Im flexible with availability, so if your interested, send me an email;)

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