M.J #

Male, 41

Location: FINDON, SA Height: 173 cm Weight: 57 kgs BMI: 19.05 Body Type: Thin Smoker: No Do you drink?: Socially Any children?: No Do you have a car?: No Profession: student

Sports Profiles

21-Dec-11Table-Tennis - Beginner

i like this sport but i'm a beginner

21-Dec-11Hiking - Beginner

i love it but i'm inexperienced.. i got the stamina for it.. but don't hav the guts to go alone

21-Dec-11Dancing - Beginner

i never danced before.. so if u r interested in teaching me u r welcome lol but no fees

21-Dec-11Cycling - Beginner

i ride my bicycle a lot .. but i'm a turtle lol .. i can ride for 3 hours none stop but as i said like a turtle

21-Dec-11Volleyball - Beginner

just interested and wanna learn & socialize.. i've played it b4 so i guess i'll be ok

05-May-10Soccer - Intermediate

it's my favourite ... and i'm available at all times and anywhere

05-May-10Chess - Intermediate

i used to play in my own country (iraq) sometimes i really play well but other times ooooh.. i'm available on weekends and holidays

05-May-10Badminton - Intermediate

i've started playing last year almost on daily basis.. i learned by myself.. i'd leave school to play badminton. i'd love to play with some1 with intermediate, advanced or professional level.. for girls it doesn't matter lol

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