Michael Lambert

Male, 44

Location: South Yarra VIC Height: 183 cm Weight: 83 kgs BMI: 24.78 Body Type: Average Smoker: Often Do you drink?: No Any children?: All My Kids Are Over 18 Do you have a car?: No Profession: IT Geek

Sports Profiles

21-Mar-19General Fitness - Intermediate

Walking; especially along the Yarra... I organise a fortnightly meetup on Sundays for this, also walk South Yarra to the city each day (work commute) and go on random evening and weekend walks. I like to walk around 10km, but have been known to do anything from 5 to 25km.

21-Mar-19Weight Training - Beginner

Interested it taking this up, but get anxious about going to the gym in the building by myself and don't have the equipment at home.

21-Mar-19Hiking - Beginner

Would love to get back into hiking, but don't have transport or equipment. Hit me up if you want someone to tag along and I'll see how organised I can get.

21-Mar-19Rowing - Beginner

Haven't done this for years, but loved using the rowing machine a couple of years ago. With a bit of fitness improvement and some help with my stroke on an ergo I'd go back out on the water.

21-Mar-19Archery - Beginner

I did this in high school (>25 years ago) and would be interested in doing it again

21-Mar-19Swimming - Beginner

I can swim a couple of km in 200m sets. Have access to a 25m pool in the building.

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