Renee Williams

Female, 29

Location: South Perth, Western Australia Height: Weight: BMI: Body Type: Smoker: Do you drink?: Any children?: Do you have a car?: Profession:

Sports Profiles

11-Mar-17Running - Intermediate

Use to train with an athletic club for long distances 2 or so years ago. Have decreased running until recently where I have started to run more regularly. Completed a marathon on 2014 but have lost a lot of fitness. Looking to get back into it but I am not interested in distances over 10km. Available every night except Wednesday's and many mornings as well as weekends.

11-Mar-17Weightlifting - Beginner

Have a few years experience with weight lifting but recently have started to focus on strength. Increasing my numbers but still at a beginner level. My strength is deadlift.

11-Mar-17Netball - Intermediate

Recently moved to Perth from Melbourne. Have played netball for over 12 years and use to play quite competitively. Have been playing socially on and off for the last three years but would enjoy an advanced game for a challenge. Usually play mid court or shooting but am of below average height. I'm available every evening other than Wednesday's.

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