Susie Staton-Cowdery

Female, 46

Location: WILLOUGHBY, NSW Height: Weight: BMI: Body Type: Smoker: Do you drink?: Any children?: Do you have a car?: Profession:

Sports Profiles

21-Feb-10Yoga - Intermediate

Love Yoga but dont do it enough... I did get into it a lot back in Perth - Ashtanga. Intending to get back into it here in Sydney and looking for places to join.

21-Feb-10Netball - Intermediate

I've recently moved to Sydney and used to play Netball and would like to get back into it and obviously interested in meeting some like minded people socially, having a bit of fun and keeping fit. It's been a while since I've played, probably 6 years but I reakon it'll be like riding a bike... I'm not the tallest so my best positions were always Centre or WA / WD. Availability: Weeknights and Weekends Locations: Sydney North - live in Willoughby

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