shane dempsey

Male, 41

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Sports Profiles

10-Sep-14Yoga - Professional

Is yoga a sport? I think we should start our own yoda club - there would be nothing more cardio demanding than to train the true Jedi way. Anyone NOR that is interested in starting Perth's first yoda club please contact me. Yoga clubs should be found on the greendreams website.

10-Sep-14Orienteering - Intermediate

Hello - while living in Canada for several months late last year I had the pleasant opportunity to learn about orienteering. The rules over in Canada are quite confusing and it took me a few weeks of effort and guesswork to understand the basics. I considered my self at intermediate level on return to Perth and have had few chances to practice (apart from a couple of continuous weeks). I would like to meet someone in Perth, preferably NOR close to an open sports ground, who knows the rules of orienteering here in Perth, help me prepare a collaboration of what I know and what they know to be amicable and complimentary. Orienteering is a great analogy of life - if you get lost and feel like giving up there is always a map to use.

10-Sep-14Dragonboat - Beginner

I am wondering if there is a Perth Dragonboat association where I will be able to race my dragon's boat. My dragon, named Oneup, has been lacking the thrill of past races with his competitor and soul dragon Dina. Any info on this would be appreciated - there is nothing more gratifying than to see two dragons embrace and connect through interaction and communication.

10-Sep-14Dancing - Advanced

Looking to learn how to dance like the guy from the Fat Bot Slim music film clip. Also - if there is someone who can horizontal square dance like my last partner, (10/10 just about everytime) please email me asap. I am available all nights and mid afternoons around 2pm.

10-Sep-14Poker - Advanced

Looking for a new poker partner, this is short term agreement only as my previous one went on a safari. Once she comes back she will be back on the table with Must be hard as nails when playing Texas hold 'em. Poker face, poker face, chase theeeeee ace!

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