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You are very welcome to join our badminton social game if you have good court etiquette and wish to play badminton properly and happily! You don’t have to be very proficient in badminton but at least can hit ok and not a beginner (sorry!). We play doubles therefore particularly welcome players who know basics in rotation. This is a new badminton social game based on an existing group and is on a trial basis. We control the number of players each time to ensure everyone has enough play time. We share the court fee and shuttle cost among ALL players (including the organiser). This badminton group is NOT FOR PROFIT -- just wanna gather a group of people to enjoy badminton! PLEASE CONTACT ME TO REGISTER FIRST. The game is on only if we have enough people so registration is a must. Thank you...(see details below) Location: VICTOR Badminton Centre @ Silverwater (Unit 47/2 Slough Ave, Silverwater NSW 2128) Number of court: 1-2, depends on the number of people. 5-6 people 1 court; 10-11 people 2 courts. If we have 14-16 people, will try to book 3 courts. Date and Time: Saturday 10am - 12pm Fee: Depends on the location (court fee), the number of players and the shuttle used. Should be around $13-16. Shuttlecocks: Aeroplane black label, competition grade (or equivalent) Please bring your own racquet. Please email Winnie ( to register and confirm the date. Thanks!

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