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Hi, We are a mixed indoor soccer team that plays on Wednesday nights at Sydney Boys High School at Moore Park. This season we are short of girl players and invite the interest of any girls that are keen to play for a fun and social team. If you have played any sort of football before we would be interested to speak with you. The competition is fun and social, so please contact us if you are interested. The game times for this comp are: 10/05/17 - Kick off 8:20 17/05/17 - Kick off 9:30 24/05/17 - Kick off 8:20 31/05/17 - Kick off 9:30 07/05/17 - Kick off 6pm 14/06/17 - Kick off 7:10 21/06/17 - Kick off 8:20 28/06/17 - Kick off 6pm 05/07/17 - Kick off by Please text or email if you are interested. The price to play per season is $108. Cheers, Matt

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