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Nicholas Green

11-Jun-20Chess -Advanced

West End QLDMale, 35

Not a competition player, but have played for a long time on and off and do play online -- lichess rating hovers around 1900. Available weekday evenings or potentially a Saturday morning in or near West End.

Michael Unrath

10-Jun-20Chess -Intermediate

Bayswater WAMale, 55

I like playing chess.

derek window

30-Mar-20Chess -Intermediate

New South Wales 263082

I am locked down on my property due to the conovirus. I played chess on and off and I play better with a board rather than a screen. I hope there is someone out there who fancies an online game.

Ann Goh

09-Jan-20Chess -Intermediate

Cottesloe WAFemale

I am not a beginner. I played as a child and have been playing for over 50 years. But as I have not played for quite a few years and I do not know the level of skill one needs to have to qualify as an 'Intermediate player'. In short, I do not know how to categorise my level of play. I would like to play chess either once a week or once a fortnight.

fred fuente

28-Nov-19Chess -Intermediate

Thornlie WA

It is been 29 years since I played Chess. Hoping to play again. Hi, good day! I am Alfredo living here in Perth. I work alongside with few fantastic people with different backgrounds. The reason I am here is just to introduce myself, to play chess again and to know if some amazing people would be open to discuss other ways of making money. Meet you at

Cameron Matthews

14-Nov-19Chess -Beginner

Maylands WA 6051Male, 50

Hi I’m cameron, I’ve been playing chess since school..... but over the years have not played so much .....I have my own chess set .... it’s heavy but has it own case for portability Weekends best - but open to a game after work .... I’m in maylands near the yacht club

Jacob Hoysted

02-Nov-19Chess -Intermediate

Perth WAMale, 17

I'm currently in hospital but I'm open to meet up and play chess on the weekends and I'd be best if we could pick up and drop off. I'm happy to play at a cafe or a park. Close to the city is best for me. I've been playing for 5 months but friends say I've learnt quickly.

Thomas Chacko

08-Oct-19Chess -Intermediate

Wollongong NSWMale

Please feel free to contact me by email if you are interested in playing Chess

Will Howkins

05-Jul-19Chess -Beginner

Maylands WAMale, 33

I've played chess with friends and against the computer for a couple of years now. Am available to play some weeknights and on the weekends. Am located in Maylands and could play at the Civic Hotel Inglewood.

Joe Mc

07-Apr-19Chess -Intermediate

Rivervale WAMale, 30

My partner and I has been playing chess for almost a year now. It's our way to bond. We both enjoy playing against each other and open to play with others. Rivervale Chesstime- roborecer

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