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Pauline Thompson

13-May-13Dancing -Advanced


I have been dancing now for 5 years and have completed medals up to Gold Bar in Modern, New Vogue and Latin, I would love to go into competition and looking for a partner who is willing to try out in Masters 1 Level 1 or 2.. I love to train hard and really want to do this with a partner who is willing to learn and grow with me as a dance partner, I am however only 5ft tall with out shoes.. Please contact me if you live in Brisbane and want to give competitiuon dancing a go!!

glenn polk

15-Apr-13Dancing -Beginner


come dance with me

Ursula Doohan

14-Apr-13Dancing -Intermediate


I love to dance and learn to dance with new partner could be fun .if that doesn't work we can try sailing

Pink Beyonce

13-Jan-13Dancing -Beginner


Hello, I am 47 years young. I love dancing at pubs with live bands. I have always wished to learn Latin/Salsa Dancing. I am looking for a dance partner for social and/or training. I am happy with only friendship, but if I one day meet a man I click with more than just friendship I may be open to dating. I would eventually be open to relocating. I am a christian and have integrity, friendly, fun, social, adventerous.

Ben Zheng

03-Jan-13Dancing -Advanced


HI. I have been dancing for more than 10 years. Love ballroom, salsa and so on. I like to find a constant dance partner to improve my dancing skill. Thank you.

stephen p

02-Dec-12Dancing -Beginner


looking for poeple to go latin dancing with. would also be happy yo pay for private lessons . i do latin lessons allready but only 1 day a week . need more!

sarah cunningham

04-Nov-12Dancing -Intermediate


Love Argentinian Tango. Intermediate level Speak spanish for trips to Buenos Aires Looking for a regular partner to practice with in Brisbane. also love to sing including Argentinian Tango.

Sarah Windsor

14-Sep-12Dancing -Intermediate

BLI BLI, QLDFemale, 39

I have completed bronze cross modern and bronze star latin medals and am currently training for bronze bar new vogue and silver latin medals. I am looking for a male partner to practice with at social dances.

Kayla Mitchell

30-Aug-12Dancing -Beginner

MOORINA, QLDFemale, 25

hi my name is Kayla and i live on the north side of Brisbane and am looking for someone who is willing to come to my studio as i am being trained by a 3 generation studio i am looking for someone who is interested in ballroom,new vogue and a little bit of Latin I LIVE IN MORAYFIELD

Mary Chung

01-Aug-12Dancing -Beginner

CAIRNS, QLDFemale, 57

Started learning ballroom dancing February 2012. Classes on Thursday nights. Available to practise Friday and Saturday nights also.

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