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Nina Bailey

14-Nov-16Dancing -Beginner

Coorparoo, Queensland, 4151Female, 34

Hi there :) I'd like to find someone to do private swing dance lessons with me on a regular basis. I just started the usual group lessons but get overwhelmed changing partners every minute around the room and find I am not learning in this environment. I'd love to be able to get really good, go to social dances and get dressed up and have lots of fun doing so! For me I'm all or nothing and want to be good at something. Are you keen?

Lesley Webber

02-Nov-16Dancing -Beginner

Kilcoy, QueenslandFemale

Rockabilly and 4 step Learning for one year. brisbane, Ipswich.

Karl Stevens

21-Oct-16Dancing -Intermediate

Bald Hills, QueenslandMale, 59

Hi I am looking for a companion to do social dancing with. I have experience in some dance styles (including Tango, Bolero, Zouk, and Bachata) and I find the leader follower dynamic to be amazing. Can you follow? Can you work with me to make our own dance dynamic better? I live on Brisbane Northside.

Glen Parker

15-Jul-16Dancing -Beginner

Wakerley, QueenslandMale

Hi I am a 49 year old male who has just started learning Salsa and Bacharta and would like to practice more often. If u are a lady within 25 km of Wynnum area then let me know! Cheers Glen

Melissa Massey

22-May-16Dancing -Beginner

Innisfail, QueenslandFemale, 27

Hi just looking for someone to do some social dancing with. I love rock n roll dancing, but am open ballroom or anything really. Just want someone to have fun n dance with!!! No really experience apart from the usually social outings and a few lessons here n there.

Jessica Browning

07-Mar-15Dancing -Beginner


I used to dance Rock n Roll for three years, though a bit rusty I will pick it up again easily. I am also interested in expanding my horizons a little bit into Swing, Latina/Salsa and Ballroom none of which I have any experience. I would prefer to stick to the Southside/ city area and looking for a partner similar to my own age. If interested please send me a email.

Maia Haitana

18-Feb-15Dancing -Beginner


I love dancing. I've done about two classes in my life lol I'm pretty confident I have rhythm lol would love to dance again! Preferably hiphop rnb. Anywhere in the Logan area.

PrincessVirgo Virgo

20-Mar-14Dancing -Intermediate


I love ballroom dancing. Been dancing socially for 5 years. Looking for a dancing partner who can dance well to practise dancing with me and also to go to the club to dance socially with me. Not looking for a relationship. Just wanted a dancing partner.

Jeanette Mcmillan

19-May-13Dancing -Intermediate

ASCOT, QLDFemale, 55

Have done over 20 years of various dance performed on stage for competition dance such as jazz tap, flamenco started cha cha, salsa and tango 2 years ago but stopped due to not finding a partner who shares my passion particularly tango I live in the Hamilton area would like to find a male partner who has great rhythm and seeking a steady partner I am available during the week and weekends

Pauline Thompson

13-May-13Dancing -Advanced


I have been dancing now for 5 years and have completed medals up to Gold Bar in Modern, New Vogue and Latin, I would love to go into competition and looking for a partner who is willing to try out in Masters 1 Level 1 or 2.. I love to train hard and really want to do this with a partner who is willing to learn and grow with me as a dance partner, I am however only 5ft tall with out shoes.. Please contact me if you live in Brisbane and want to give competitiuon dancing a go!!

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