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Veronica South

11-Sep-18Netball -Intermediate

Renown Park SAFemale, 17

Hi, I'm a 17 year old who is currantly studying in year 11. I am very passionate about netball as I love working as a team! I lost interest in netball the past years since I've been studying and focusing on my subjects. I would love to join a netball club to meet new people and show my competitive side. I am always ready for a challenge!

Katy Crowther

11-Sep-18Netball -Beginner

Scarborough WAFemale, 34

I arrived in Perth a couple of days ago and would be really keen to get back into netball. I have not played for a long time but keep very fit and hopefully won't take too long to blow the cobwebs away! At this stage I do not have any commitments so am available any day.

Nathaniel Davison

11-Sep-18Netball -Intermediate

Mile End SAMale, 41

Hi, I have over a decade of playing both Attack and defense, I'm 6'3 which would be a great advantage to the team! I am very keen to find a mixed team, I am free evenings and weekends and can fill in in needed also. I live in Mile End, Something close ish would be fantastic. :)

Samantha Maqueda-uren

11-Sep-18Netball -Intermediate

17 Willowdale Drive, Cranbourne North VICFemale, 25

Looking to get back into netball after having a baby. Was filling in for friends teams up until falling pregnant and played netball for a club up until 19 years old. Free Saturdays, Monday night's, Tuesday night's, Wednesday all day. Happy to be fill in. Preferrably south east suburbs.

Alice Dodd

10-Sep-18Netball -Intermediate

Kings Cross, Potts Point NSW25

Just moved to Sydney from London and looking to find a social team to join. I’m 25 - Played through school, college and uni and looking to pick up again. WA or GA/GS but i’m 5”5... Would travel half hour from CBD and play indoor/outdoor most week nights. Bonus if there’s socials etc x

Sarah Dynon

09-Sep-18Netball -Intermediate

Cockburn Central WAFemale, 18

I play in all defence and centre. Looking for a permanent club ??

Adel Hall

09-Sep-18Netball -Intermediate

Northgate SA 5085Female, 20

Hi all my names Adel and im 20 years of age. I played nextball in school but would really like to get back into playing as i miss it. Im avaliable night and weekends due to work roster :). I would prefer it to be north of the city or in the CBD as i do have a car for transport.

Kyla Sipthorp

07-Sep-18Netball -Intermediate

Glenelg North SA 5045Female, 18

I played netball for 9 years and ceased playing 4 years ago due to uprooting and moving to Adelaide! I’d love to get back to playing the game and also meeting others in a social environment! I’m 6ft tall and have experience in most positions. I’m flexible with availability and locations.

Sacha Zachoryj

04-Sep-18Netball -Beginner

Willaston SAFemale, 10

We play winter netball. We are seeking a summer netball club in gawler area

Courtney Bettridge

29-Aug-18Netball -Intermediate

Carlisle WA24

Currently part of a social mixed netball team and we are in the process of moving to a new venue. We are looking for some new players! We just play for fun, we have only been playing as a team for the last 3 months or so, so we’re not that good but we would love to have a new person on our team who knows how to play but doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Some of us are experienced and some of us have only been playing for the last 3 months so we’re a mix of different skill levels. We’re all pretty short so someone tall(ish) would be awesome. A good defence and/or centre court would be ideal :)

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