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Gowtham Sivakumar

06-Oct-18Soccer -Advanced

Brooklyn Park SAMale, 24

Hey guys am a mid fielder and been playing since 12. I moved to Adelaide last year and looking for a friendly team . Am available 24/7. I can travel to any place in and around Adelaide .

Clement Ringot

05-Oct-18Soccer -Intermediate

Windsor Victoria27

Mainly goal keeper, I can also be a field player if needed. Available anytime . Location: Windsor, Melbourne

Rooshab Shah

03-Oct-18Soccer -Intermediate

Docklands VICMale, 30

Hey guys, been playing soccer since I was 7 and have represented several teams in my youth. I play recreationally now and am looking to join 5-7 aside soccer team in Docklands, and would like to play at the Docklands community hub if there are any teams that are looking for players please feel free to get in touch. I am right footed can play anywhere in the midfield.

Takeru Terasawa

01-Oct-18Soccer -Intermediate

Melbourne VICMale, 22

I’m Takeru from Japan. I’m 21 years old.I live in North Sunshine. I used to play soccer in State2 league. I’ve been staying here to study English for 6 months so I can’t speak English fluently. But I wanna have a fun to play soccer or Indor soccer on weekends. Please let me know if you have any teams which I can join in

Shakeb Isaar

27-Sep-18Soccer -Advanced

Dandenong VICMale, 34

Hi ! My name is Shakeb, just moved from Sweden to Melbourne ( dandenong area ), I am an active player and played in division 4 south Sweden, even played in division 3. I played in right and left offensive medelfier, can play with both right and left foot. Even played as a forward. Looking for a soccer club ( football ) in dandenong area. I played soccer since I was 10, my time is flexible with a right team.

Fahad A

25-Sep-18Soccer -Professional

Adelaide SA 5000Male, 27

I have been playing soccer since when since 6. I'm available all the time and place. I have a car.

YongS Chin

24-Sep-18Soccer -Intermediate

Adelaide SAMale

Looking for soccer players for a kick around

Noah Kambeitz

23-Sep-18Soccer -Intermediate

Melbourne VICMale, 18

I am an 18 year old male who will be moving to Melbourne at the end of October for around a year, and would like to join a team or club in order to keep my skills up for a scholarship I was offered back in Canada. I typically play cdm or cam but am willing to play anywhere. Please email me if you have space for me or are interested Thanks

Eoin Healy

23-Sep-18Soccer -Intermediate

Adelaide SAMale, 34

Looking to play social football in the evenings or Saturday or Sunday mornings. I’ll travel wherever.

Shailesh Dhiman

18-Sep-18Soccer -Advanced

Toorak VICMale, 33

Hi I am new to Melbourne and looking for a club to join to play soccer. I am really passionate about this game and was playing semi professionally for my club ba k in my country. I am looking for a club to join please let me know

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