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20-Feb-11Soccer -Intermediate


Just moved to Australia am looking for social soccer club to join can play in goals and out field

Anthony McDonnell

01-Feb-11Soccer -Intermediate


Hi all, I've just arrived in Adelaide in the past two weeks and would like to get involved in a soccer team. I'm happy for it to be quite a social team as I'm hoping to join a team where I'll get to know a few through as I don't know anyone here yet. I'm a 28 year old Irish guy who has played soccer (not high standard) in Ireland and then played in All Age competition in Newcastle (NSW) for last two years.

Fiona Martin

25-Jan-11Soccer -Beginner


I was the co-captain of my first 11 team in high school but I haven't really played any sport since then so I'm a bit rusty but I would love to join a team or just train with a team to build up my skills again. I'm available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights and Saturdays.

Jo Hawke

12-Dec-10Soccer -Intermediate


Hi! Ive never played soccer for a club but I play in school tournaments, Im looking for a social team mixed or just gals :)

Bathelomew Onyedika Alokalam

13-Sep-10Soccer -Intermediate

ALFORD, SAMale, 35

I want a club that I will join this season, i am well skinful player. I will be happy to give all my effort to create a good opportunity to any club I join. I play a nice ball when i am in the pitch. I have more than 4 years experience and still playing locally in school road academy sport Nigeria. I am available any day and any time from Monday to Sunday. Hope to get reply for more deal and I will be ready to give all answer to my skills.

Abdul Aziz

21-Jun-10Soccer -Intermediate


im looking to join or collect players and make a team for soccer or indoor soccer , i live in the northen suburbs of Adelaide

M.J #

05-May-10Soccer -Intermediate

FINDON, SAMale, 38

it's my favourite ... and i'm available at all times and anywhere

Mike Anderson

24-Mar-10Soccer -Intermediate


I am moving to Melbourne on the 13th of April, Think am going to be living in the essendon,mooney ponds or ascot vale area. Looking to find a 5,7,8 or 11 a side team to join. I have been playing football since I was a kid and currently playing both 5 aside and 7 a side football leagues, would like to find a game in any shape of form, I mainly play on the wings or just off the main striker, full of energy, good passer and regular scorer,

Roman Germann

30-Oct-09Soccer -Intermediate


I have just arrived in Australia, I am from Switzerland. I live close to the modbury hospital. I have played soccer for 10 years with friends. I would like to play soccer somewhere. It doesn't matter where. Just a place around adelaide which is availible by public transport. I can play every evening and at the weekend. It would give me a great pleasure to hear something.... Thank you!

Tony Yarak

21-Oct-09Soccer -Intermediate

MAGILL, SAMale, 41

I am on the committee for Athelstone Soccer Club and have played there for over 3 years in the senior team. I like to play on a social level to have fun, get some fitness and provide a place where anyone with want can play.

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