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Marketa Kocmanova

13-Oct-17Soccer -Intermediate

Adelaide, South AustraliaFemale, 33

Hi there, I just moved to Adelaide and I would like to start play soccer. I played when i was younger and then just once a week indoor soccer. I am available everyday from 3pm.

Tilde Nuorala

17-Jul-17Soccer -Intermediate

Adelaide, South AustraliaFemale, 22

Hi, I have played soccer just with my friends and brothers for over ten years. I have just moved to Mawson Lakes, Adelaide and I would like to find new team to play with. Anywhere in Adelaide. Also soccer-indoor. I am free to play every evening after 5pm and every weekend and Wednesday any time. Or if there is possible get to try football I would love to try. :)

Scott dudley

14-Jul-17Soccer -Intermediate

Glenelg, South AustraliaMale, 29

Over from UK looking to join local soccer team

Moe Hazna

06-Jul-17Soccer -Intermediate

Adelaide, South AustraliaMale, 38

I was a really good player at high-school, I haven't been playing much since, but I think I can do well. I really would like to start playing again, once or twice a week, any place in Adelaide should be ok.

Fatek Bait

20-Feb-17Soccer -Advanced

Adelaide, South AustraliaMale, 21

Been playing since I was a kid. Played in different positions. Available throughout the week after 6. The closer to the city the better.

Jarryd Parker

30-Jan-17Soccer -Intermediate

Glenelg, South AustraliaMale, 28

Hi Im looking to join a club I haven't played outdoor since a few years ago but have been playing indoor. Willing to travel and I am available all week.

Sean Mcilduff

29-Jan-17Soccer -Beginner

Adelaide, South AustraliaMale, 48

2017 season starting soon. Are you over 35 and still want to play soccer, how about the Over 35's South Australia masters league? Games take place on Sunday with 9.30am or 11am kickoff. 3 divisions, over 20 teams, fair play league, fully refereed. Multiple subs allowed. Contact me for further information. All skill levels.

Daniella Aliaj

13-Oct-16Soccer -Intermediate

Andrews Farm, South AustraliaFemale, 17

I've participated in my school's soccer team every year and I would now like to participate in a club. I'm available all nights and I live close to Mawson Lakes. I have a big passion for soccer and I am a great team player.

Channel Coulthard-James

06-Oct-16Soccer -Beginner

Grange, South Australia, 5022Female, 24

Hi looking for a few girls begginer level wanting to start at a soccer club or even indoor soccer! I used to play when I was younger and would love to start again... free after 5pm workdays and weekends :)

Saad Dawwas

03-Oct-16Soccer -Advanced

Adelaide, South AustraliaMale, 29

Been playing all my life. I recently moved to Adelaide and I'm looking for a soccer team to play for (indoor or outdoor). I don't mind playing 2-3 times a week aswell! Wouldn't mind any location.

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