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Clarence Ngeno

23-Sep-16Soccer -Intermediate

South AustraliaMale, 23

I love playing as a team member on a supporting and attacking duties right from the right back position. I've played soccer since I was 10 from primary school to college. I am flexible with the timings and locations provided that they are within Adelaide.

Braeden Burgess

11-Sep-16Soccer -Beginner

Craigmore, South AustraliaMale, 23

Hi, I am currently looking for somewhere to play soccer socially or maybe professionally. I played soccer in school and a bit of indoor soccer but looking to play outdoor as I have a passion for the sport. I am a beginner but I believe have some skill and my fitness is pretty good but willing to work hard to improve my skills and fitness. I available most of the week depending on what shifts I have for work and any location near Blakeview or Munno Para best suites me. Thank you.

Kennedy Madu

19-Aug-16Soccer -Intermediate

Adelaide, South AustraliaMale, 19

I am a very good goal keeper,i have played since i was a kid and i have been improving in all aspects. I believe any team that accepts or give me a trail will be impressed by my performance. I am also willing to undergo more training to be better, All seek for is a chance to prove my self.I would prefer to play any were within Salisbury region and i would love to play weekends or weekdays night.

Sarah Renzella

02-Aug-16Soccer -Beginner

Paralowie, South AustraliaFemale

Hi. I'm looking to join a friendly beginners summer or winter women's soccer team, either in the northern or western suburbs of Adelaide.

Asghar Naimi

31-Jul-16Soccer -Intermediate

Para Hills West, South AustraliaMale, 25

I have played from young age about 6 years old until I played semi-professional. I have not been playing for last 5 or 6 years but still have some skills. I am available most Days and weekends and can travel around Adelaide for matches.

Georgie Jacobs

18-Jul-16Soccer -Intermediate

Port Noarlunga, South AustraliaFemale

I played soccer a lot as teenager, and am looking for a social competition to get back into it for fun and fitness - ideally weeknights as I work weekends, and indoor or outdoor soccer. I live in Southern Adelaide but am happy to travel closer to the city.

Alex Blunden

04-Jul-16Soccer -Beginner

Camden Park, South AustraliaFemale, 27

I am 24-25 year old wanting to join into a social womens soccer club, my availability varies however can work around my schedule. I used to play as a kid and still have an interest in the sport. Is there anything about? I am a beginner

Roger Ward

01-Jul-16Soccer -Beginner

Brahma Lodge, South AustraliaMale, 31

I am a 6'5" ex aussie rules player with limited soccer experience looking to play at a lower social level as a keeper

Amy Delfs

17-May-16Soccer -Beginner

Munno Para West, South AustraliaFemale, 22

Hi guys, I have never played outdoor soccer in a team before but I have played indoor and loved it and am now looking for a bigger challenge, I am a quick learner and reasonably fit so I'm sure I will pick it up in no time. I'm happy to play on either a female or mixed team just for fun or for serious sport. I work casually and my hours are flexible so I am free any night of the week. Obviously the closer the location is to home the more convenient it is, I didn't really want to have to be driving anywhere that's more than half an hour away so the closer the better.

Jessica Merentitis

30-Apr-16Soccer -Beginner

Adelaide, South AustraliaFemale, 25

I haven't played a proper game in years. Looking to get back into playing.

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