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Peter Taylor

16-Sep-13Soccer -Intermediate


hi, looking for a 5/7 aside or 11 aside once i get a little fitter! Have played when younger but looking to get back into a team for social and/or competition games.

Brent Parkes

15-Jul-13Soccer -Advanced


I am looking for a game on say a Sunday afternoon or similar in the parklands to increase my fitness and keep up my skills. I would like it to be social but at the same time maintaining a reasonable level of competitiveness and technical skills. I played socially most Sundays when I lived in Sydney for a couple of hours.

Link Tian

12-Jun-13Soccer -Intermediate


keen to play soccer, wanna join a 5 side team

Katie Bodel

10-May-13Soccer -Intermediate


Hi, Ive recently moved to Adelaide and Im looking for a Futsal or outdoor 11 or 6 a side team. I have played for 10 years but ive had a couple of years off so hoping to get back into it even if its half way through the season, keen to start playing asap!

James Heywood

27-Apr-13Soccer -Beginner


I have played 5 a side football for the last two years and have just moved to Adelaide CBD and am looking for a team to join to play social soccer with 5/6/7 a side on weekday evenings, preferably near the CBD.

Sharon Stadter

15-Apr-13Soccer -Beginner


Was a PT from Golden Grove, now looking to keep active in a social beginner sport. Have never played indoor or outdoor Soccer but looking to join a team. Quick learner and available to join a team with a training and games on a weeknight after 6pm. Looking to join in north eastern area but willing to travel if needed.

Emma B

25-Feb-13Soccer -Beginner

BRUKUNGA, SAFemale, 49

Hello, I played soccer in high school but have not played since (decades...) except for mucking around at family get togethers. I would like to play again but am not sure about fitness/skill level so would be looking for something pretty social (and forgiving!). I live in the hills and work in the city (shift work). If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thanks!

Scott Griffin

23-Feb-13Soccer -Beginner

BURTON, SAMale, 35

I'm 29 years I have never played soccer before but I am keen on getting into it. Due to work commitments I might not be able to train and play every week, I mainly want to play for fitness and social reasons. I live in the northern suburbs if you want me to come out let me know

angel krause

21-Feb-13Soccer -Intermediate


hey. keen to play soccer but cant do weekends. Indoor would be nice. Have had a little bit of experience in the sport but have never played in a club or game. Have done many other sports also, such as circus, gymnatics, volleyball and basket ball. Would travel to Glenelg or adelaide if i have to. Available anytime after 5 all week nights except fridays. Let me know

James O'Keeffe

29-Jan-13Soccer -Intermediate


Hi I have just moved to Adelaide and I'm interested in playing soccer and am interested in both indoor or outdoor. I have played a lot of indoor soccer in the past and some outdoor 11 a side. I have a decent level of fitness and don't mind getting stuck in! I am city to glenelg based but can travel a bit. I can play anytime.

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