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Sharon Stadter

15-Apr-13Soccer -Beginner


Was a PT from Golden Grove, now looking to keep active in a social beginner sport. Have never played indoor or outdoor Soccer but looking to join a team. Quick learner and available to join a team with a training and games on a weeknight after 6pm. Looking to join in north eastern area but willing to travel if needed.

Emma B

25-Feb-13Soccer -Beginner

BRUKUNGA, SAFemale, 48

Hello, I played soccer in high school but have not played since (decades...) except for mucking around at family get togethers. I would like to play again but am not sure about fitness/skill level so would be looking for something pretty social (and forgiving!). I live in the hills and work in the city (shift work). If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thanks!

Scott Griffin

23-Feb-13Soccer -Beginner

BURTON, SAMale, 34

I'm 29 years I have never played soccer before but I am keen on getting into it. Due to work commitments I might not be able to train and play every week, I mainly want to play for fitness and social reasons. I live in the northern suburbs if you want me to come out let me know

angel krause

21-Feb-13Soccer -Intermediate


hey. keen to play soccer but cant do weekends. Indoor would be nice. Have had a little bit of experience in the sport but have never played in a club or game. Have done many other sports also, such as circus, gymnatics, volleyball and basket ball. Would travel to Glenelg or adelaide if i have to. Available anytime after 5 all week nights except fridays. Let me know

James O'Keeffe

29-Jan-13Soccer -Intermediate


Hi I have just moved to Adelaide and I'm interested in playing soccer and am interested in both indoor or outdoor. I have played a lot of indoor soccer in the past and some outdoor 11 a side. I have a decent level of fitness and don't mind getting stuck in! I am city to glenelg based but can travel a bit. I can play anytime.

Mick OToole

30-Dec-12Soccer -Intermediate


Hello. Looking to Join a soccer team for the upcoming 2013 season, Adelaide northern suburbs cheers 0421500613

Nik b

13-Dec-12Soccer -Intermediate


i like to play soccer.

Matt Bell

28-Oct-12Soccer -Intermediate


Would love to play soccer socially. Preferably somewhere in the parklands either Monday or Friday evenings or Saturday or Sundays. Been doing this in Canada for the last few years and absolutely love it. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. Cheers, Matt.

Mark Taher

18-Oct-12Soccer -Intermediate


Hi, My name is Mark. I am looking for a team to play outdoor or indoor soccer. I play as a defensive midfielder. I have been playing for last 2 months regularly. I am available at night during the weekdays and at the morning during the weekends. Please contact me if you are looking for a player. Cheers, Mark

Joshua Butler

01-Oct-12Soccer -Intermediate


I am Josh, someone who enjoys playing soccer (admittedly, not that well, and haven't played much since school days, would love to play in goal preferably in a mainly social atmosphere), and is seeking a team (indoor or outdoor, I like both) that I can get to by public transport. I live in around the Campbelltown (North-East, close to the Paradise Interchange) area, but work in Torrensville (7:30am-4pm, Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays), so I would need a group either that starts after around 5pm on workdays or a group that ends before 7pm-8pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays (Saturdays I can get to at any time). I would want somewhere accessible by public transport (if it is not somewhere near Campbelltown). Anyways, thanks!

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