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27-Jan-11Soccer -Intermediate


Hi I am French I am staying in Perth for the next few years and I am looking for a club for this season. I played close to 11 years soccer at serious level in France. I play in defence both sides, right foot but can play both, 1.75m 70kg fit, love to take the ball and help forward. I currently play social soccer every sunday and try to keep good activity during the week (running, swimming). Free the weekend and every evening of the week, feel free to contact me anytime!! Guillaume

Peter Newbury

16-Jan-11Soccer -Advanced


hi interested in joining a team of over 30's , anyone know where i can find a team in Dianella/ or Bassadean area??? im also interested in indoor soccer as well.

Lisa Henshaw

14-Jan-11Soccer -Intermediate

PERTH, WAFemale, 36

I have played soccer for many years in NZ and in Europe, i used to play at a reasonable standard but am looking for a more social and relaxed team for this season here in Perth. I am currently based in the city but more than likely will be moving to the Western suburbs soon.

Rouven Lobmiller

11-Jan-11Soccer -Advanced


Hi, I am from Germany and I will be moving to Western Australia (south of the river) within the next 6 month. I have played soccer on a higher level for nearly 30 years and I am interested in a Soccer-Club, who is looking for skilled soccer players with a lot of experience. I would like to train at least twice a week. I look forward hearing from anyone who wants to play soccer in a professional manner. Thanks, Rouven

Blackwell Chalwe

05-Jan-11Soccer -Advanced

PERTH, WAMale, 32

I am a Zambia aged 24, my father was a professional footballer for one of the top teams in Zambia, and my dream was to become a professional footballer. i have been paying football since childhood, i was the captain at the university. i will be coming to Australia on 1st Feb, 2011, and i will be available as per required. i will be staying in Perth for at least 6 months. i can assure you more than 100% that whichever team you will find me will not regret. i may be one of the best players in the league. looking forward hearing from you.

Louis Byers

09-Dec-10Soccer -Intermediate


I have been playing for 20 years. I really am just an addict of the game. I will be in Australia until mid-Feb and was hoping to find a casual one or twice a week opportunity to play the sport I love. I do not have a car so if the field is close to public transport that is a big plus. Please contact me if you have any info to help me track down a kick around. Thanks

Samar Kaisi

07-Dec-10Soccer -Intermediate


Hi... I've been playing soccer for a while, im somewhere between a beginner and intermediate level. Im available on weeknights except Friday 5:30 and above. Anywhere in the south is fine by me. Drop me a line. Cheers.

Byron Smith

17-Nov-10Soccer -Intermediate


Looking for players to join Canning City Masters -over 35yrs. Need enough players to create a 2nd team. Train Wednesday nights at 7pm play Sunday afternoons. We train and have a beer all year round but start serous training in early Feb. If interested for next year please ring or just come down for a run.

Sarah Russell

07-Nov-10Soccer -Beginner

CARMEL, WAFemale, 26

Hi, I played soccer in high school for a couple of years, and i'm looking to join a womens or mixed gender soccer team that has games/practices either on friday afternoons or on weekends sometime, just to have some fun and keep fit. Does anyone want to start a team or have a spot for me on a team? The perth hills area is convient, but i'm willing to travel. thanks :D

Danielle Craigie

29-Oct-10Soccer -Intermediate

KIARA, WAFemale, 37

Hi im a 30 year old female over from Scotland on a year long working visa so would like to get back into Soccer. Either womens 11 a side or mixed or same sex indoor. I have played for a couple 11 a side teams over the last 7 years and have played 5's for the last 20 years. Back home and normally play as a right back/mid fielder, but am happy to try out new positions. Right now im just looking for a team so training days or playing days I can work around. Locations I would prefer fairly close to where im staying but should b able to shuffle transport if needed. Thanks Danielle

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