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Lincoln McDonald

27-Oct-16Surfing -Advanced

South Fremantle WA 6162, AustraliaMale, 33

I grew up on the South Coast of NSW but have lived in Fremantle since 2010. I used to surf at least once per day but now it's more like once every 8 weeks and I want to change that. I'd prefer to surf quality waves down near MR or out at Rottnest but will sometimes go out Scarbs or The Spot/Ders just to get wet. Happy to go shares with some people to buy a boat to get to Rotto or contribute for rides out there if someone already has a boat. Otherwise I'm up for road trips to MR most weekends or during the week as I work FIFO week-on-week-off. I surf coached for nearly 7 years so am happy to surf with and provide tips to beginners/intermediates. Hit me up for a quick paddle or a big session.

Rachel Denning

20-Oct-16Surfing -Intermediate

North Beach, Western AustraliaFemale

Looking for anyone keen to catch up for a wave, as it's more fun surfing friends. Used to surf quite a fair bit but now I don't get to surf as much as I would like too. Free early mornings and all day Friday and sats and normally surf trigg/scarves area however willing to travel anywhere where there's waves! Love to hear from anyone who is also looking for more surfing mates :)

Tanya Wasylewski

26-Sep-16Surfing -Beginner

Belmont, VictoriaFemale, 34

Every summer I say I want to learn how to surf, then every summer it never happens ... so I'm making THIS the summer. Looking for some people who can teach me, or others who want to learn as well so we can fall off our boards together :)

Dave Dawisha

30-Jul-16Surfing -Advanced

Doncaster, Victoria, 3108Male, 43

Moved to Melbourne from Hawaii in 2016. Been surfing about 15 years... let's carpool and go for a surf sometime!

Audrey G

28-Jul-16Surfing -Beginner

Redfern, New South WalesFemale, 24

I'm interested in joining in on some surfing with anyone who is either a beginner or is keen to show a newbie how it all works. I've only ever done it twice so I'm not very good :p I'm fairly new to Sydney so am looking for it to be a bit of a social thing that I can do from time to time! I can usually make myself free if I need to be on most week nights and weekends. Anywhere somewhat close to the CBD would be ideal. Cheers

Bec Chilton

15-Apr-16Surfing -Beginner

Perth, Western AustraliaFemale, 35

A greenie so would like a surfing buddy to help ease the nerves :)

Aly Emara

20-Sep-15Surfing -Beginner


Hey guys, I started surfing recently and still a beginner, I go surfing around the great ocean road beaches and sometime at east cost. Mainly available early mornings weekdays whenever home as I am FIFO.

viktor karel

05-Oct-14Surfing -Beginner



Mark Harper

06-May-14Surfing -Intermediate


I would like to go surfing with other people in my area. I have surfed for 40 years and still very much enjoy it .however it's way more enjoyable with buddies to share the joy. I am happy to help beginners and intermediate surfers to improve and have fun. I have many boards and surfed in most parts of the state. I would like to surf more and can go most weekends.

Wessam Khairy

09-Mar-14Surfing -Beginner


I'm currently located in Perth and I have attended a surfing school last summer and loved surfing since then, and I'd love to join beginner to intermediate surfers to go for surfing on the weekends. to improve our skills.

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