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Renee Williams

11-Mar-17Weightlifting -Beginner

South Perth, Western AustraliaFemale, 25

Have a few years experience with weight lifting but recently have started to focus on strength. Increasing my numbers but still at a beginner level. My strength is deadlift.

Carl Fernandez

09-Aug-15Weightlifting -Intermediate

Southbank, VictoriaMale, 32

I work split shifts so I am pretty flexible.

Pikucha Sandoval

30-Jan-12Weightlifting -Beginner

MASCOT, NSWFemale, 32

i just started to lift weight, im not muscular but got the athletic type

Adam Lam

20-Dec-11Weightlifting -Intermediate


Powerlifting for the last 2 years. most recent competition total of 560kg Squat - 210kg Bench - 130kg Deadlift - 220kg

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