Evan Deleede

Male, 35

Location: BEN BUCKLER, NSW Height: Weight: BMI: Body Type: Smoker: Do you drink?: Any children?: Do you have a car?: Profession:

Sports Profiles

01-Apr-12Touch-Football - Intermediate

From the states. Haven't played rugby much but have watched it lots. Looking for a team to join or possibly just some pick up games. I'm 6'1 and 190 pounds pretty fit. Please email me with any info on a league or pick up games.

01-Apr-12Shooting - Intermediate

From the states. Been handling guns since I was 10 years old. Love to shoot. Love to shoot clay pigeons. Please email me with any info about how I can get started.

01-Apr-12Basketball - Intermediate

From the states. Been playing ball for a long time. Looking to find a fun competitive League or just pick up. I am 6'1. Schedule is pretty open everyday after 5. Please email me you know where I can play.

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