Janice K.

Female, 38

Location: Sunnybank QLD Height: 163 cm Weight: 62 kgs BMI: 23.34 Body Type: Average Smoker: No Do you drink?: No Any children?: No Do you have a car?: Yes Profession: Student

Sports Profiles

08-Jan-19Ice Skating - Beginner

Never done this before. Looking for someone who has played and can give a tip of how to do it properly as I don't want to crack my bone or land hard with my heavy weight. Does a slim person have more advantage than a heavier weight person?

08-Jan-19Golf - Beginner

At the 5th time play could get 48 no par for 9holes

08-Jan-19Billiards - Beginner

Have played pool table couple of times.. beginner but I know hand stability is one of the key.

08-Jan-19Pilates - Beginner

I hear this is good exercise for loosing weights... never done this before, but have done few sessions of yoga in the past

08-Jan-19Tennis - Intermediate

Prefer play in the night.. no sun

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