Mathew Ross

Male, 53

Location: ALDINGA BEACH, SA Height: 191 cm Weight: 90 kgs BMI: 24.67 Body Type: Average Smoker: No Do you drink?: Socially Any children?: Yes Do you have a car?: Yes Profession: chef

Sports Profiles

23-Mar-12Surfing - Beginner

happy to learn one day!

23-Mar-12Martial Arts - Advanced

ex navy survival instructor bit like "Bear Grills" but I don't drink my own piss or eat eye balls...... Aikido, karate and staff work, but these days I do more fire twirling then training.

23-Mar-12Motorcycle Racing - Professional

there was no option for motor sport! I was a pro rally driver for a few years and a highly stressed rally instructor! haha yes ill teach you how to drive better and no you cant borrow my rally car to go to the shops :)

23-Mar-12Kite Surfing - Beginner

this is on my list of things to learn and then swap the board for a snow board ..... who needs a lift ticket lol

23-Mar-12Archery - Beginner

its been a long time between draws but would be happy to let fly a few arrows with some company!

23-Mar-12Snowboarding - Advanced

Would love to do some more back country boarding and stay out over night in an ice cave if anyone is keen for a trip this winter?

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