Sven Bethaus

Male, 41

Location: CHERMSIDE, QLD Height: Weight: BMI: Body Type: Smoker: Do you drink?: Any children?: Do you have a car?: Profession:

Sports Profiles

06-Dec-13Shooting - Intermediate

I have been active as a shooter for the last 4 years an am a member of the SSAA. QLD License Holder and owner of several caliber arms. First experience using firearms was from a young age growing up in semi rural areas of Victoria. What I am interested in being able to participate more in is pest control. While having the occasional experience when visiting Victoria is enjoyable, having a location within a 200km radius of Brisbane would be preferable.

06-Dec-13Baseball - Intermediate

For 5 years when I was younger (Teenager) I played Baseball with South East Belmont Saints in Geelong however after moving to QLD I gave that up. Have been interested in getting back into it again now as an adult. Have good hand-eye coordination, left handed, and reasonably fit.

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