Victoria Smith

Female, 41

Location: EAST PERTH, WA Height: Weight: BMI: Body Type: Smoker: Do you drink?: Any children?: Do you have a car?: Profession:

Sports Profiles

31-Jan-11Wakeboarding - Intermediate

Used to do wakeboarding quite often in the past, but since moved to Perth cant find a crew to wakeboard with.

31-Jan-11Swimming - Intermediate

Ex-pro synchronised swimmer. Love to go for a casual swim in the pool.

31-Jan-11Surfing - Intermediate

Used to travel and surf a lot for a few years, however havent been surfing for the past 12 moths. Need a surf buddy at a beginner/intermediate level just to have fun and enjoy the surf.

31-Jan-11Skateboarding - Beginner

Used to do a bit of classic skateboarding a few years ago, now more interested in long-boards.

31-Jan-11Sand boarding - Beginner

sounds like fun even though never tried it.

31-Jan-11Netball - Beginner

Never played before, but would be interested to try.

31-Jan-11Running - Beginner

Love long steady runs

31-Jan-11Kite Surfing - Beginner

Looking forward to getting some kite-surfing lessons first.

31-Jan-11General Fitness - Beginner

Enjoy long steady runs, boot camps, yoga, aerobics, gym, etc.

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