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Belinda Lillas

01-Apr-11Cycling -Beginner


would like to start cycling at different bike tracks, no on road cycling though. I am available on weekends.

Toni Newie

30-Oct-10Cycling -Intermediate

NEWTOWN, NSWFemale, 38

I am a road rider from the inner west, like to train alone mostly, but would be keen for someone to go on a regular or one off rides!! I start work at 8 during the week, so am rides are prob out, but after work or early am weekend rides could be cool!! I am thinking initially riding to centenial and doing some Laps, but generally quite open!!!

Martijn Tiemens

21-Aug-10Cycling -Intermediate


I used to ride my Mountainbike (Klein Attitude Race) quite a lot but that all stopped when I came to Australie (there are just too many things to do here). I used to do a lot if cross country riding (I think it's called here) up to 80km / ride every weekend. I am available during weekends and I am really looking for someone / a group to tag along and go for a nice ride every once in a while. As I have a car everything within an hours (/hour and a half) drive from Sydney is fine with me.

Ildi Ildi

18-Aug-10Cycling -Intermediate

GLEBE, NSWFemale, 59

I have a not too flash mountain bike & I've love cycling and would enjoy some company mainly on week ends.

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