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Praveen Kumar

20-Jan-16Cycling -Beginner

Launching Place VICMale, 41

under 50K rides

Chris Schwegler

11-Oct-15Cycling -Intermediate

Adelaide, South AustraliaMale, 42

Looking for weekend riding pack

Varun Malhotra

31-Aug-15Cycling -Beginner

Lane Cove, New South WalesMale, 37

I bought a road bike a week back and am looking for people around my place to go for rides together. I am new to this sport and currently able to ride for 10-15 kms at a stretch right now, but am happy to meet someone who can push my limits.

Alexandra Cowling

27-Aug-15Cycling -Intermediate

Beverly Hills, New South WalesFemale, 34

I used to be plenty fast but I need someone to motivate and whom I can motivate to go cycling with. :-) I like to cycle for 30-90 minutes depending on the intensity e.g. hills aren't my strong point at this stage. I have my own road bike. Freely available for local area.

sam cutri

15-Mar-15Cycling -Intermediate


interested in weekend social rides

Kelvin Goh

30-Nov-14Cycling -Intermediate


Looking for cycling companion to accompany me on my roadbike routes. Mostly along canning river and head up to direction of city.

Faisal Yousaf

26-Nov-14Cycling -Intermediate


Looking for some one to ride bicycle with me or running early morning or at evening. More than welcome to any other sport, it's just that i want to stay fit and it will be great to have a partner to stay motivated.

Dom Anthony

10-Nov-14Cycling -Intermediate

Docklands, VICMale, 52

looking for people who are interested in riding on and off road.

Kristie Friend

24-Aug-14Cycling -Beginner

FLOREAT, WAFemale, 44

Mountain Biking....looking for other girls to go mountain biking with. I'm pretty new to it. I usually head out on Sunday mornings around 8-8.30 for about 1.5 hours on the Kalamunda Circuit, happy to check out other trails too. Let me know if your keen.

Leo Young

15-May-14Cycling -Beginner


Recently bought a Giant Defy 2 road bike, would love to join in a group riding during the weekends.

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