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Molly Turpie

03-Jan-19Hockey -Intermediate

Darling Harbour, Sydney NSWFemale, 19

Moving to Sydney from Feb 2019- Sep 2019 for work. I will be working on a zero-hour contact so cannot provide availability yet! I'm 18, English and looking to join a social club where I can play and make friends!! Normally play midfield, but would happily play any position! Trained 3 times a week last year in both womens and mixed teams. I won't have a car, but willing to travel anywhere accessible from Darling Harbour by public transport!!

Blake Cunningham

08-Nov-18Hockey -Intermediate

Adelaide SAMale

Available most nights and weekends.

bek sims

19-Oct-17Hockey -Beginner

Cranbourne North, VictoriaFemale, 32

played alittle during high school, mainly in the school side. looking for a summer sport in the AFL off season, have played AFL for the last 3 years. available most nights and weekends :)

Grace Stripeikis

30-Apr-17Hockey -Beginner

Lyneham, Australian Capital TerritoryFemale, 31

Hello! Looking to join a social mixed team on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday to have a laugh and keep fit with others. Northside best for me.

Jessica Plewes

11-Oct-16Hockey -Intermediate

Manly, New South WalesFemale, 33

Played hockey throughout school, university and up to 3 years ago. I have not played for 3 years due to a knee injury. I have just moved from the UK to Sydney and I am looking to get back into playing hockey. I play left or right wing or midfield. I am available any evening and weekends. I am living in Manly so the manly area is the most convenient.

Megan Glynn

03-Oct-16Hockey -Intermediate

Brunswick East, Victoria29

I used to play in the hockey team at high school and competed in leagues. However I haven't played since so I would say I was beginner. I am available Mon-Thur evenings. I am a 25 year old English female and looking to become part of a team whilst keeping fit. I live in Brunswick East so looking somewhere that I can easily cycle too. Thanks

Alyson Elias

04-Jun-16Hockey -Intermediate

New South Wales, 2122Female, 44

Hi, 41 y/o female played a lot of Hockey in high school, looking to get back into it again for fitness and fun. Looking for a comp and training in the evenings, but willing to be flexible.

Danielle Hall

02-Feb-16Hockey -Intermediate

Sydney, New South WalesFemale, 28

Hey I'm 24 years old and living in Surry hills. I haven't played hockey since high school so I'll be rusty at the start but I'm really keen to get back into it as I loved it! Happy to play socially or competitively on weekday evenings or at the weekend! Let me know if there is anything I could possibly join :)

Turea Blyth

29-Jan-15Hockey -Intermediate


Would love to find a local group in Randwick or surroundings - I work in Moore Park! I would be available weekends and evenings - love the sport but haven't played in a while. I'm keen and would love to be part of a team and want my frustrations taken out on that ball. :)

Adam Napier

04-Nov-14Hockey -Beginner


Played the sport at various points through highschool but havent picked up a stick since so a fair bit rusty. Looking for something either in the evenings on weeknights or on the weeknds in the northern or north eastern suburbs

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