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Amanda Bolleter

02-Feb-22Netball -Beginner

Bayswater WA 605348

Seeking beginners level for 9yo girl

Kate Rowson

17-May-21Netball -Intermediate

Willetton WA 6155Female

Looking for a Senior Ladies Netball Team. Im 52 so not as fit as I used to be. Played netball very well 20 years ago and want to get back in. I used to play C, WA, WD and GA. Im short but fast - well I used to be :-). Im available after work hours and on weekends. I live Canning Vale but can travel to Belmont, Vic Park, Success etc.

Katie Skinner

04-Mar-21Netball -Beginner

Kensington WA 6151Female, 24

Looking to join a social netball team, not played for a while but used to play in primary school and sure I'd pick it up again quickly. Located South Perth but happy to drive, and available pretty much all evenings. Really just looking for some way to get back into sport and up my fitness and make some friends in the process.

Courtney Proctor

06-Jan-21Netball -Advanced

Kiara WA 6054Female, 26

I've moved over from Adelaide to Perth and looking to be part of a team or fill in. I've played netball my whole life, was A grade level back in Adelaide, would love to be part of a competitive team but happy to play just social as well. Recently played as GK/GD however can also play WD/WA as well if needed. I have a job where I do work away from home at times so may have to miss a week every now and then however when I am in Perth I am available every night of the week and weekends. I live East near Bassendean but happy to drive.

julia stampalia

08-Nov-20Netball -Beginner

3 Ara Cove, Wandi WAFemale, 19

I am a beginner, I have never played in any team sport.I am available during the week and sunday mornings. Cockburn/kwinana are my preferred locations. I am 17

Samantha Hynson

06-Oct-20Netball -Intermediate

Kwinana, WAFemale, 20

My names Samantha I am 18 years old and I have played netball since I was 8, I haven’t played in about 2 years because I had my son and now I’m ready and excited to get back into it I am located in Kwinana Western Australia and I’d be available to play/train any day of the week

Ruby Justice

28-Feb-20Netball -Intermediate

Scarborough Beach, Western AustraliaFemale, 23

Looking to play netball either in a weekend comp or just casually. I’ve played weekend competitive netball most of my life (21yo) but I’ve had a few years off so will be abit rusty. I’ve always been a shooter but happy to move just about anywhere around the court. I’ve just moved over to Perth so looking for preferably a club for weekend matches, however I’m still keen on a casual weeknight game. I’m located in Scarborough but I am more then happy to travel. Super keen to get back into it so please let me know :)

Nicola Siegert

06-Feb-20Netball -Intermediate

Dianella, Western AustraliaFemale, 39

Looking to join a social netball team around Dianella/Morley Area. I am available most days except Thursday and Friday afternoons. i have not played for awhile and looking to play to get fit. I use play GS/GA but can play any position if needed.

Emma France

05-Feb-20Netball -Intermediate

Willetton WA 6155Female, 24

Hi! I've just moved back to Perth and am living in Willetton, I played netball in highschool but have not played for years and am looking to get back into it, I am available any nights

Deanne King

22-Jan-20Netball -Intermediate

Applecross WA 6153Female, 25

Hey there! I’m looking to join a social team ongoing that plays either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. I play GS/GA/WA but pretty happy to go where needed! (: I’ve played competitively most of my life but only recently returned socially.

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