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Sheryl Chew

26-Dec-17Netball -Intermediate

Wilson, Western AustraliaFemale, 26

Hi everyone! I'm looking to join a social netball team. I played competitively for about 6 years before I moved to Perth a few years ago and I would love to start playing once more! I am a midfielder but I have played GD as well. I'm happy to play any position and I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you :)

Blake King

17-Dec-17Netball -Beginner

Alexander Heights, Western AustraliaMale, 35

Hey looking to get back into netball played a couple of years ago for just over a year mainly in defence I’m happy to play Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday nights my work roster allows me to play 6 games then I’m on nightshift for 2 weeks so have to miss 2 games happy to play anywhere nor

Kaitlin Pisani

17-Dec-17Netball -Beginner

Clarkson, Western AustraliaFemale, 33

Hi, I moved from QLD to WA a year ago and am looking to join a social netball team to meet people and keep fit. I haven't played since primary school so am a bit out of practice but am keen to get back into it! I am available most week nights and weekends, live In Clarkson but willing to travel ??

Libby Paterson

02-Nov-17Netball -Intermediate

Wellard, Western AustraliaFemale, 31

Hi, I have recently moved to Wellard, Perth and am looking at joining a social netball team to get out of the house and get active again. I haven't played since back in 2009 when I was in high school. I am available every night and weekends. Anywhere within Welland area.

Katherine Carrucan

26-Oct-17Netball -Intermediate

Armadale, Western AustraliaFemale, 37

Hi, looking to get back into playing netball socially. Recently moved to WA from Vic. Been a few years out of the game, previosly had been playing since I was 7 and pretty keen to get back into it. Free most nights, preferably WA or WD but did play many years in GS GA. Can't wait to get back on the court :)

Brenda Ryder

22-Oct-17Netball -Intermediate

Beechboro, Western AustraliaFemale

I am looking to join a team or fill in at Joondalup Bouncer and/or Joondalup Arena. I am available any morning or night, except for Tuesday's as I already play on Tuesday nights. I have been playing on and off since I was 9. My contact is 043 4381 637.

Helen Grady

17-Oct-17Netball -Intermediate

Perth, Western AustraliaFemale, 32

I have recently emigrated over from the U.K. I have played netball for over 10 years and my team which I have just left was promoted to the premier division. I am currently available all evenings. I play GD/GK. I would love to join a team.

Danielle Bontempo

02-Oct-17Netball -Intermediate

Helena Valley, Western AustraliaFemale, 37

Hi, I've been playing netball on and off since I was in school, more social mixed netball in my later years but stopped when I had a baby a few years ago and really want to get back into it! I am better at WD and defence positions but can adapt (just can't shoot lol) Morning/day time netball would suit me better and preferably somewhere that has a crèche not too far from Midland area Thanks :)

Kirsty McEwan

01-Oct-17Netball -Beginner

Ellenbrook, Western Australia, 6069Female, 38

Hi, I'm looking to join a netball team. I used to play in school, however haven't in a long while. Would love to join a team for social games. Available most nights for training. I'm in Ellenbrook, but willing to travel. Feel free to send me a text on 0405800959. Thanks ??

Liv D'Arcy

30-Sep-17Netball -Advanced

Northbridge, Western AustraliaFemale, 26

Hi I'm 21 and have just moved over from the UK and am looking to join a team at social- fairly competitive level. I played from the ages 9-19 for my school, college, county and briefly university. I was also part of the British colleges team for a year. GD is my preferred position but can also do GK WD GS and GA. Not up to my previous fitness at all but looking to get back to it soon. Also have a 22 year old friend interested too. Unsure on availability yet but can probably work my rota around playing. Contact details are olivia_darcy@hotmail.co.uk and 0431597789.

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