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Jessie Stuart

21-May-16Rollerblading -Advanced

Riverview, New South WalesFemale, 39

Looking for other girls that enjoy outdoor rollerblading. I've been skating for many years and love it. I live in Riverview, right next to St. Ignatius College. Very open availability. Prefer mornings.

Angie Larcher

23-Oct-13Rollerblading -Beginner

KIARA, WAFemale, 35

Hi, i am interested in a little bit of everything and open to most things. Looking to commit to something once a week, after hours for general fitness. NOR is best. I used to be very active, sports captain at high school etc but have lost my way in the last decade :) happy to meet new people and try something new like squash, cycling, badminton, rollerblading,netball, i'll give anything a go.

Tanina Davenport

17-Sep-12Rollerblading -Beginner


I imagine I will be a little unsteady at first but would like to have a go with someone at a similar level. It's been many years since I have put on a pair of roller blades.

Paul Sid

03-May-11Rollerblading -Intermediate


roller hockey

Jessica Sullivan

19-May-10Rollerblading -Intermediate


I used to rollerblade heaps when I was younger and still have rollerblades and have occassionally done it since.. If anyone knows of good long flat places to blade let me know especially if interested in going for a blade..

Audrey Chan

29-Mar-10Rollerblading -Beginner


Have been rollerblading for 1 yr. I'm available weekdays Tue-Fri and some weekends. Locations that are convenient would be northside parks\city. I particularly enjoy rollerblading in southbank, newfarm, Kangaroo Point.

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