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Shays Brown

03-Oct-17Squash -Beginner

Hampton Park, VictoriaMale, 30

I'm beginner level but naturally sporty, enthusiastic, enjoy a challenge and friendly competition. Have played casually over the last couple years. Keen to play someone who I can improve with. Work in Prahran and interested in weekday evenings around the area. 6.30pm onwards. MSAC or South Eastern suburbs. Also available weekends and can be flexible.

O'Dell Campbell

23-Sep-17Squash -Beginner

3175 Dandenong Street, Dandenong, VictoriaMale, 39

I havnt played in years and am wanting to play social afternoons / weekends south east.

Karl Lager

19-Sep-17Squash -Intermediate

South Yarra, Victoria, 3141Male, 31

Looking for someone to play either weekday evenings or the occasional Sunday(s). Ideally at MSAC. I played tennis at a younger age so I feel I'm a fairly decent competitor. Enjoy competition but ultimately it's about having fun and improving my health.

Tom Tyndall

29-Aug-17Squash -Advanced

Melbourne, VictoriaMale, 37

Have been playing approx 10years. Rating approx 250 on squash matrix. Travel to Sydney regularly for work so keen to arrange hits in evenings when in town! Somewhere not too far from Zetland / CBD preferable.

Muhammad Usama

15-Aug-17Squash -Intermediate

Glenroy, VictoriaMale, 34

Can play decent squash , played for 3 to 4 years long time ago . Keen to get back into the court. Available to play on Weekend Mornings (Saturdays and Sundays) only. Prefer not to travel more than 25 KMs from my place

Viva Tam

11-Aug-17Squash -Beginner

Melbourne, VictoriaFemale

Hi, I am looking for someone to play socially, 1-1.5 hrs once or twice a week (preferably Monday after 5,30 or Saturday morning, 10 or 11am start) I have played socially for a few months now but still looking to improve and get better at it. I can play in the CBD/ Fitzroy area. I love the sport and would like to play with someone who is at a similar level.

Fraser Campbell

04-Aug-17Squash -Beginner

Prahran, VictoriaMale, 33

Naturally athletic male. Looking for sociable squash matches to improve and enjoy the sport more. Ideally playing at MSAC or near the CBD. Can play evenings and weekends.

Rakesh Khawas

30-Jul-17Squash -Intermediate

Greensborough, VictoriaMale, 38

Hi, I live in Greensborough and would love to play social squash.

Alison Williams

27-Jul-17Squash -Intermediate

Richmond, VictoriaFemale

Hi! I've been playing squash for over 15 years now - never competition, just different partners until either our courts closed, or my partners got pregnant. I'm looking to play weekly (pref Thursday nights) around the Richmond area (CBD, Fitzroy)

Leighton Thorn

26-Jul-17Squash -Beginner

Melbourne, VictoriaMale, 34

Looking to play squash with someone in the city or Albert park after work i'd say I'm beginner level although I am a relative natural at sports having grown around and played a lot. happy to play an intermediate player as I should quickly get up to speed.

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