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Ben S

23-Apr-17Squash -Intermediate

Collingwood, VictoriaMale, 28

Used to play for my university and socially. Just moved to Melbourne so looking to play once or twice a week during the day on weekends or around work time in the CBD.

Benjamin Sutter

20-Apr-17Squash -Beginner

Epping, VictoriaMale, 38

I've only played a few times. I'm not overly fit, but really enjoy the game and the fitness benefits of squash. If you are a beginner and don't mind playing someone who gets puffed out after the first 5 points, then message me and we will organise a game. Northern suburbs of Melbourne, Weeknights after 7pm or weekends.

Steven Leaney

19-Apr-17Squash -Intermediate

Caulfield, VictoriaMale, 27

Have played on an off for a few years, just settled after travelling for 18 months and want to get back into it. Looking to play 2-4 times a week at night on weekdays and during the day on the weekends. Can travel but would prefer around central/south east areas.

Frank Onderi

18-Apr-17Squash -Intermediate

Maddington, Western AustraliaMale, 36

Intermediate player. Looking for squash partners in Perth. I played squash many years ago, and recently taken up the game once again. I need someone to train and practice with. I am available in the afternoons/evenings and daytime on Fridays and Sundays. I have played at the Maddington Squash Courts, Leeming Striker courts and also the Hilton Squash, but will be willing to travel to other nearby courts (Vic Park, Forrestfield, Belmont, Kensington, e.t.c) to play with partner. Regards, Francis.

Hailey Herring-Newbound

14-Apr-17Squash -Intermediate

Melbourne, VictoriaFemale, 24

I used to play on my university team but haven't played in about a year. Am looking to find a couple people to play with! I just moved to Melbourne so also looking for suggestions on where to play. Available most weeknights or on weekends!

Jigar Sheth

13-Apr-17Squash -Intermediate

South Brisbane, QueenslandMale, 30

I have just moved from Hong Kong to Brisbane. I would love to play squash once or twice a week (weekdays, weekends) nearby or at a reasonable distance where I can reach using public transport. I have been playing squash for last 1-2 years now.

Tasneem Islam

10-Apr-17Squash -Intermediate

South Yarra, VictoriaFemale, 30

Playing since 2012, but more regularly in 2016. Spent 6 months away from squash doing swimming, running and yoga, and keen to resume. I have free access to squash courts in the CBD. Generally free on weekends and limited weeknights. My schedule varies at relatively short notice during the week, so it's best if you're also flexible time-wise.

Susana M

09-Apr-17Squash -Beginner

Melbourne, WiktoriaFemale, 28

I have been playing squash for few years but had a long break recently. I am looking for a partner to play on weekdays mornings or early afternoons or weekends any time in Melbourne City Baths.

Imran Hanif

02-Apr-17Squash -Advanced

Dandenong, VictoriaMale

Have been playing for 7 years. Decent player, available to play on Saturday arvo. Can play at Dandenong oasis or nearby.

Gareth Davies

30-Mar-17Squash -Intermediate

Marrickville, New South WalesMale, 35

33 year old, been playing 2-3 times a week for the last year or so. Weekdays during the day is best for me, preferably at Sydney Uni.

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