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Adele Li

20-Aug-17Dancing -Intermediate

Adelaide, South AustraliaFemale, 50

I love Tango. I have learnt it in total half a year by now. I'm looking for a male Tango partner who can learn and practise with me. I'm available in most nights except Tuesday night. Saturdays are also ok. As I'm living in the south, city area and areas near the south are more convenient for me, such as Glenelg, Marion etc.

Sue Poggensee

17-Jan-16Dancing -Beginner

Adelaide Showground Railway Station, Wayville, South AustraliaFemale, 70

I am looking for a dance partner for practice and social dancing. I had been to several dance schools have learnt from latin, ballroom. cha cha, tango to rock and roll. I enjoyed dancing very much but have stopped for 2 years. I am a fast learner and can pick up again quite quickly with practice. I am retired widow now and have lots of time to do training any time with a more advanced dancer to give me some guide again. I would like to join social and practice as often as I can. I am young looking, slim built, healthy and fit and really need a dance partner to go out to enjoy it. If you are over 60's and like me to be your partner to begin with, I would be more than happy to hear from you. I also look for a long term partner too. I am in that stage of life that I really want to have fun. If you are one of them please let me know. You can sms or call me 0422 333 595 for a chat to find out more about me. Please I only want genuine ones to reply please.

kris white

30-Dec-15Dancing -Advanced

Adelaide, South AustraliaFemale, 65

competitive latin dancer

Alexis Clark

24-Nov-14Dancing -Intermediate


Looking for a Male dance partner who is a strong lead. Wishing to take dancing to the next level, currently doing my modern teachers, have dance for many years and it is my passion. Love Latin, rock n roll and all aspects of dancing. Have completed medals and social competing. Also looking for dance interested friends for social dancing.

Andrea Sutherland

16-Nov-14Dancing -Intermediate

ADELAIDE, SAFemale, 58

Currently attending rock&roll class once a week, and sequence class twice a week (without a regular partner). Have attended some basic ballroom/latin and argentine tango on and off over the past 10 years, but had little opportunity to practice my dancing in a social (rather than classroom) situation. I am happily married to a non-dancer, which limits my weekend evening time to attend social dances (although its not out of the question). I'm definitely only looking for a dance partner, not a personal relationship off the dance floor. I'm a pretty fast learner and respond well to a strong lead. I'm open to learning most styles of ballroom, latin, sequence, rock&roll (pretty much anything). CBD, inner and/or southern Adelaide suburbs, and Victor Harbor are all good locations for me. I'm available most days (daytime) and weekday evenings for classes/practice sessions. I've not done any work towards medals, competitions etc., but would be open to that if my partner was interested.

Alison McQueen

12-Nov-14Dancing -Beginner


Hi, I am now 26 years old. When I was younger i did jazz dancing however have not done it for 10 or so years. Is there adults classes for beginners in a similar style of dance? Im from Gawler but work in Hendon so somewhere between the two would be great on week nights. Thank you :)

Leila Bloom

14-Jul-14Dancing -Intermediate

ADELAIDE, SAFemale, 51

I have been learning and enjoying Ballroom and Latin dancing.I like to dance Meringue as well.I am looking for regular partner.

Emily Dunk

12-May-14Dancing -Beginner


Hi! I've played a variety of sports in school, so I am looking to join a team I am available to play whenever except for Thursday nights! Any location around the city is perfect for me!

richard greenwood

01-Oct-13Dancing -Intermediate


I have been dancing mostly ballroom sequence dances for over 20 years; I regularly dance at B&H, Case and Roberts. I follow a simple, healthy lifestyle based on vegetarian raw food. I am looking for a compatible female over 5’3” that would like to dance twice+ a week. I live at Glenside;. I am now retired; I read a lot of non-fiction, conspiracy theories, spiritual issues and health. I like the outdoors and I practice Tai-Chi and martial arts daily at Hazelwood park.

Falina Diamond

15-Sep-13Dancing -Beginner

MILE END, SAFemale, 38

I have been ballroom dancing for roughly 10 months but I'm wanting to practice more with someone who might look into competing at some point. I currently only dance with my teacher once a week so Id like to find someone who would like to dance a few times a week. I prefer ballroom but would like to try the latin social scene during the weeknights. Let me know if you're interested :)

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