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hashem abdal

09-Sep-19Soccer-Indoor -Advanced

Canberra Centre, Bunda Street, Canberra ACTMale, 31

hello, im from kuwait and just moved recently to canberra , i like to play football and am good football player, i play indoor or outdoor , am available everyday and wants to give it a try

Theodor Soederholm

31-May-16Soccer-Indoor -Intermediate

Stirling, Australian Capital TerritoryMale, 28

Hi, I have just moved to Canberra and I am looking for a team to play social soccer/indoor soccer with. Mixed or not doesn't mather :) I started playing when I was 7 y/o till i was 13 then I started again at 16 till 19. The last 4 years I have been playing but not regulary.

Mitch Grant

15-May-16Soccer-Indoor -Intermediate

Gungahlin, Australian Capital TerritoryMale, 31

Hey :) looking for a social soccer team, recently filled in on a friends team and remembered how fun it is! I really need an excuse to get me off the couch of a weekend :P I played quite a lot of sports growing up including hockey, soccer, volleyball, tennis and swimming. Would love to join an indoor soccer team, volleyball team or trisports :) Mainly interested in weekend comps but weeknights could work to :) located Northside but willing to travel

Kori Plumridge

25-Aug-14Soccer-Indoor -Intermediate


Keen to play social indoor and have fun 2 yrs experience Available any night of the week

Sean Blunt

17-Jun-14Soccer-Indoor -Intermediate


Hi, I am interested in playing indoor soccer during the week in the ACT. I have played before (but not for a couple of years) and also played soccer for many years.

Zaza Zainee

05-May-14Soccer-Indoor -Intermediate

AINSLIE, ACTFemale, 33

Hi, I would like to play for a team in ACT. I am an intermediate-advanced player - 6-7 years experience. I used to play back in my home country. Available any day any time for now. Any area within ACT should be okay. Audition me! :)

Jess Skillen

04-Dec-13Soccer-Indoor -Beginner


Hi, I would like to join an indoor soccer team. I used to play soccer growing up but haven't played since school.

Rid A

01-Oct-13Soccer-Indoor -Intermediate


Moved here from Sydney an year at, keen to start playing soccer. Mixed or men's team....have been playing for a few years, and consider myself an intermediate player... Can play during the week after 6 or the weekends.

Nathan Streeter

19-Nov-12Soccer-Indoor -Beginner


Hello, im moving to canberra at the start of 2013 would love to get into a team for fitness/social, especially before the season starts. played soccer for 8 yrs in queensland, before joining the navy. let me know if i can fill a spot.

Brian Jones

25-Feb-12Soccer-Indoor -Intermediate


just moved to A.C.T and need a team to play in, was quite good in my early years.I have not played in a while,available during the week or weekends.

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