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Dave Harbour

24-Aug-10Soccer-Indoor -Intermediate


I'm looking to join a team in North Sydney/North Shore area for regular weekday evenings games. Whilst winning is always good, the social side of things is also what I'm looking for! I used to play regular 5/7-aside until recently and am looking to get back into it. Happy with either indoor or outdoor matches.

Scott Manley

12-Aug-10Soccer-Indoor -Advanced


Was a member of squad of 30 in the Western Sydney Razorbacks season 2003/04. Played Liverpool - Fairfield Reps throughout juniors and senior career. Have played socially around Liverpool area most of my life. Now moved to Eastern Suburubs so happy to play socially/competitively for any team within a 10 kms radius of Sydney CBD.

Katrina Luxon

11-Aug-10Soccer-Indoor -Intermediate


I am looking to join a ladies indoor soccer team in the eastern suburbs. I used to play all the time as a kid but haven't really played at all since. Mainly looking to play for fun and fitness. I'm wanting to find a regular team that I could play for on a weekly basis. If you need an extra player or know someone that does then please drop me a line.

Matt Tolhurst

09-Aug-10Soccer-Indoor -Intermediate

DEE WHY, NSWMale, 43

I used to play indoor soccer once week until the place where I used to play closed down. I'd really like to play it again if there is place that's local.

Luke Stoker

04-Aug-10Soccer-Indoor -Intermediate


Hey guys I used to play soccer as a kid and would love to get into it again, let me know if you want to start up an indoor team...

Cavlin Niu

26-Jul-10Soccer-Indoor -Intermediate


Used to play for my school for over 7 years but havnt touched soccer since 2006 when I got into uni. Wanna pick it up as I really really love it. Able to play at nights and weekends. Both indoor & outdoor are fine. Hills districts are perfect.

Jenny Barlow

25-Jul-10Soccer-Indoor -Beginner

CARDIFF, NSWFemale, 39

Hi my name is Jenny and I am from Newcastle. I'm interested in forming an indoor mixed soccer team and I am trying to get some numbers going. If you are interested in playing regularly each week, able to play in newcastle and pay the minimum fees and cost that comes with it I would love to hear from you. The game would really be just for fun, nothing too serious but still in competition when on court. So if you are interested email me: jenn82_@hotmail.com

Matthew Jande

12-Jul-10Soccer-Indoor -Intermediate


15 seasons experience in youth outdoor and 6 seasons of indoor, Able to play in any field position, currently playing mixed indoor at Sports world Liverpool, looking for a male indoor or outdoor team or even another mixed team. send me an email if your interested in setting up a team

Bernard Yong

30-May-10Soccer-Indoor -Intermediate


I have been playing for more 10 years.

Ian Bethune

29-May-10Soccer-Indoor -Advanced


Been playing indoor soccer for the last 6 years and at quite a good level and standard. Can play on a variety of surfaces(hardcourt,astroturf etc) Available most days of the week for locations across the northern beaches.

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