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Nuri Evrita

22-Sep-18Gymnastics -Beginner

Floreat WAFemale, 26

I would like to join Any type of sport! So many to choose from the drop down box. I will say I’m a beginner in all sports currently as I haven’t been in a team environment since high school roughly 10years ago. I live in Floreat, therefore north of the river is ideal. Please give me a holla on 0457260893 if you want someone on your team. Looking forward to hearing from someone. I’m Available after work 5pm onwards for sports and have Sunday/Monday off, also do half day Saturday.

Lily Frith

03-Nov-17Gymnastics -Intermediate

Adelaide, South AustraliaFemale, 14

I've been doing gymnastics for over 9 years in South Australia. At the age of 3 i could do a perfect cartwheel and now at the age of 12 i can do a roundoff back handspring double tuck on the floor.

Lucy Walker

14-Aug-15Gymnastics -Advanced

Sydney, New South WalesFemale, 42

Looking for a strong base for partner acrobatics. I am a flyer:170cm tall, 52-55kg, hold shape well. I am both a Brazilian dance (zouk) and AcroYoga teacher. I trained in sports acrobatics and full time dance (contemporary,ballet,jazz, hip hop). Latin dancer for many years, have crossed over into other styles. I've participated/taught at acro conventions in Europe/Australia. I have trained my own dance team and taught and performed at latin congresses. I am currently completing a yoga teacher training and cert 4 in fitness. I would like to train 2-3 times a week/weekend.

Felicity Organ-Moore

12-May-15Gymnastics -Intermediate

Cairns, QueenslandFemale, 35

Hi, I am keen to get back into some fitness training and trying to pick up on some sports I used to do years ago and enjoyed. I did gymnastics while at high school but it's been a solid ten years now, would love to get back into it a bit. If there is anywhere around that does adult classes of some description, I'd love to look into it more! Just moved to Cairns. Thanks :)

Sophie Seddon

23-Jan-15Gymnastics -Beginner


Hey I am living in the CBD in Sydney and looking for any adult/women's beginner gymnastics glasses. I regularly attend the gym and I used to attend crossfit daily in the UK, however since coming to Australia I have wanted to try something different. I am looking to build on my fitness and strength capabilities through a beginners gymnastics class.

Emily Dunk

12-May-14Gymnastics -Beginner


Hi! I've played a variety of sports in school, so I am looking to join a team I am available to play whenever except for Thursday nights! Any location around the city is perfect for me!

Geoff Bradshaw

11-Aug-12Gymnastics -Intermediate


Have dreamt about doing backflips for a few years now. If there's any cushioned out studios available for testing of limits i would be interested. :)

Reza Amini

02-Jan-12Gymnastics -Intermediate


martial arts and gymnastics and all sports

Andreia Pinto

05-Aug-11Gymnastics -Beginner

BEXLEY, NSWFemale, 39

Used to do gymnastics when I was younger and has always been something I would love to get back into

Cassandra Bryant

09-May-11Gymnastics -Beginner


Hi all, I havent done any gymnastics since high school, but have moved to canberra from Cairns, and would love to do more..... I'm free any night except thursdays, and am happy to travel around Canberra (though I'm located northside - no biggie though!).

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