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Felicity Organ-Moore

12-May-15Gymnastics -Intermediate

Cairns, QueenslandFemale, 36

Hi, I am keen to get back into some fitness training and trying to pick up on some sports I used to do years ago and enjoyed. I did gymnastics while at high school but it's been a solid ten years now, would love to get back into it a bit. If there is anywhere around that does adult classes of some description, I'd love to look into it more! Just moved to Cairns. Thanks :)

Annie Fox

18-Feb-10Gymnastics -Beginner


Did some classes in primary school, and did'nt make the team in high school due to suffering Anaemia. Have done some kick boxing also which involves flexibility, am also naturally flexible, that goes for my schedule as well..am a student not working study via correspondence, new to Brisbane again...have little friends, love to get active and socialise. Locations convienient for me: inner city please.

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