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Sue Devika

25-Jan-18Tennis -Intermediate

Bruce, Australian Capital Territory, 2617Female

Looking for hitting partner in Belconnen area.

Hung Minh Le

08-Jan-18Tennis -Intermediate

Gungahlin, Australian Capital TerritoryMale

I have played tennis for couple years and just move to Gungahlin. My tennis level is between Intermediate and Advanced. I am looking for tennis partners or tennis club that I can play weekly. My email:

Tim O

01-Jan-18Tennis -Beginner


I've been playing on and off for a few years, mainly in social contexts, and I consider myself a beginner. I am available most weeks, during the day, or after 5pm also. I don't really mind where we play, but am based in Queanbeyan so somewhere close by would be handy.


01-Dec-17Tennis -Intermediate

Narrabundah, Australian Capital TerritoryMale

Looking for social hits or play sets. I guess I am intermediate. Very passionate about tennis. Been playing for 5 or 6 years somewhat regularly. Weekdays are better as I work during weekends.

Amir S

05-Nov-17Tennis -Intermediate

Bonner, Australian Capital TerritoryMale, 43

Looking for someone to have long practice rallies to improve consistency. I consider myself intermediate who can hit complex variety of shots but lacking consistency. I mostly play at Gungahlin on weekends but am available on weekdays for short time (1730-1900) if needed. I am happy to move around Gungahlin area. Please message me if you are looking for same?

Cristian Bustamante

29-Oct-17Tennis -Intermediate

Turner, Australian Capital TerritoryMale, 37

Hi, my tennis partner came back his country and now I'm looking for someone to practice once a week. Contact me if you want to have a tennis´s hits.

Glen Baker

01-Sep-17Tennis -Intermediate

Lyneham, Australian Capital TerritoryMale, 51

Looking for a partner to playing sets/matches. I played for many years on and off but stopped a few years ago, and looking to play again. I expect I'll be a bit rusty at first, but consider I would still be around intermediate level. Available after work and weekends. I live near the National Tennis Centre, and would prefer location within reasonable driving distance.

Stefano Antonio

11-Jun-17Tennis -Intermediate

Canberra, Australian Capital TerritoryMale, 22

Available afternoons and Sundays. Looking for a partner to play matches/rally with on and off. Would consider myself borderline advanced

Rahul Rajaram

09-Jun-17Tennis -Advanced

Gordon, Australian Capital Territory, 2906Male, 27

I've played tennis competitively for over 7 years. Just taken a break, and interested to find a hitting partner in Canberra. General availability is after work or on weekends.

Andrew Fyfe

28-Apr-17Tennis -Advanced

Reid, Australian Capital TerritoryMale, 54

I play a high standard with good players often three times a week. I have my own hard court in Reid. Looking to play someone who is a strong player and who would also like to play some doubles with good players. Some week nights and weekend mornings.

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