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Alister Stone

06-Jul-20Tennis -Professional

Canterbury VIC 3126Male, 25

Hi everyone, I’m looking for a advanced or professional hitting partner, any weeknight after 7pm for some high intensity hitting. I'd be around Div 2 pennant quality and I’ve also coached juniors previously. 0407233423 I'm in Canterbury but happy to play at Melbourne Park or around my area. Cheers Al

John Gappi

01-Jul-20Tennis -Intermediate

108 Victoria Street, Spring Hill QLDMale, 27

Hey guys, been playing tennis recreationally/socially for a few years now. Usually, I play twice a week and am pretty flexible with my schedule (work 9-5). In terms of playing style I don't have a lot of power but I can get a lot of balls back and like to mix things up on court.

Dan Moore

27-Jun-20Tennis -Advanced


Have played tennis since a young age and played pennant tennis for a few years but have only played occasionally the last few years due to some health setbacks.

James Kim

02-Jun-20Tennis -Advanced


Hi, everyone, I am an advanced player, have been playing regularly over 20 years, live in Melbourne CBD, can play on weekday afternoon or Saturday.

Suwito Lie

30-May-20Tennis -Advanced


My level might be upper intermediate because i haven't played for years and would like to have a hit again. I have access to a tennis court at my apartment in southbank. Anyone interested who is at intermediate or advanced level, please feel free to contact me. Sunday morning or afternoon is the best time for me. Cheers, suwito

Damian Betham

23-May-20Tennis -Intermediate

Elwood VIC 3184Male

Looking to have a hit during this lockdown. Live in Elwood. bit rusty but I'll get better with more play. Keen for good baseline rallies.

Po Tantirittisak

16-May-20Tennis -Beginner

Melbourne VIC 3000Male, 19

Hi, I'm looking for a tennis partner. I'm a beginner, I can hit back and forth, but cannot serve properly. Would love to play tennis with anyone.

Michael Do

21-Mar-20Tennis -Intermediate

Avondale Heights VIC 3034Male, 34

Looking to have a hit after 6pm weekdays or anytime on the weekend.

Zubair Ish

21-Mar-20Tennis -Beginner

St Albans VIC 3021Male, 34

Hi guys. Started playing tennis recently so looking to find a mate for some shots. Usually available on the weekends but for foreseeable future, will be available in weekdays evenings as well so bring it on ?? I am quite good in Soccer & cricket so wouldn’t need long to get into the groove for tennis. Willing to travel nearby. Feel free to ping on 0401289496

David Basheer

20-Mar-20Tennis -Advanced

Southbank VIC 3006Male, 54

Played for 35 year tennis on off in competition very solid player looking for social tennis I live Southbank... availability is good most of the week

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