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Ian Doyle

11-May-18Tennis -Intermediate

Ormeau QLDMale, 51

Over 50 but can hit a decent ball and serve hard

Saba Yhy

26-Apr-18Tennis -Intermediate

Kangaroo Point QLDFemale, 18

Hey! I am someone who's always been passionate about sports and loved spending a great deal of time on it. I played tennis about 4 years ago, when I was taught by a coach, but stopped playing as I moved and started again a year ago, but due to lack of time and a hitting partner, stopped again. So beginner/intermediate level. Need a few months to get the hang of it again. Please let me know if you're interested! Please note: I'd be interested in both competitive and fun hitting. Available: most weekdays after 3:30/4, all weekend (but gotta organise a time a few days before)

Nathan Kearton

25-Apr-18Tennis -Intermediate

4000 Herschel Street, Brisbane City QLDMale, 32

Looking for a hitting partner

zora fletcher

14-Apr-18Tennis -Beginner

Calamvale QLDFemale

Elementary level. Can be avaolable most afternoons or weekends, preferably southside

Jose Lopez

11-Apr-18Tennis -Professional

Villa St at Yeronga High School, Yeronga QLDMale

Hi my name is Jose (director for tennis at Authentic Tennis) We currently run classes from beginners (juniors to adults) to Advanced players. If you are searching for lessons to improve your game fast or your just looking for a hitting session come check us out. www.Authentictennis.com.au

Anthony K

07-Apr-18Tennis -Intermediate

Salisbury QLD 4107Male, 32

Exp: I've been playing on and off since I was a kid. Probably floating somewhere in between intermediate and advanced. I don't mind playing matches, but mainly interested in having a good hit. Location: pretty lazy when it comes to travel, so prefer south-side courts. Availability: weekday nights, Saturdays

Khang Diep

22-Mar-18Tennis -Intermediate

Sunnybank Hills QLDMale, 17

I’ve been playing for 1 and a half years. At the moment, I’m available Monday, tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. But not available tuesday and Thursday nights. I can play anywhere within the 10kms of my location.

Carla Fernandez

15-Mar-18Tennis -Intermediate

Morningside, QueenslandFemale

Hello ?? I live in Morningside and have been playing constantly for four years. I get coached around once a month depending, had played as a teenager but stopped then started playing on and off in my twenties but not regular. I play at Wynnum Tennis club on Saturdays in a doubles club competition each week so if you are free and wanting to play more join us there, it's great. I'm free Tuesday or Thursday evenings but I work odd shifts here and there, & am available some mornings or afternoons. I'd say I'm of intermediate level but always looking to improve. Contact me for a hit! Happy to travel 30min or so away from me.

Alika Choo

15-Mar-18Tennis -Advanced

Kelvin Grove QLDMale, 20

Used to go to a tennis school in Melbourne, I've been playing tennis for a few years now and I'm taking the sport quite seriously. Need someone who I can hit with and work on my consistency :)

Nick Sinkovic

13-Mar-18Tennis -Beginner

Chermside QLDMale

Hi, I’m in my Early 30s looking to a tennis partner.. used to play in my teens and keen to get out on the court and have some Exercise and fun. Live north Brissie happy to travel

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